Our History

Our History: Family Owned and Operated Since 1944 Many have contributed to the rich history of Walkup Company, but it was Bill Edward Walkup who founded Walkup Company in 1944.

One might say the roots of the business reach even deeper into history as it was Bill’s Father, Charles, who had first opened Walkup Brother’s Tin Shop in Waco in 1915. Upon the death of his father in 1927, Bill became the owner of the Tin Shop at the age of 22. Consistent work was tough to come across during this time due to the Great Depression and Bill even came up with the creative idea of putting some of his equipment on a trailer and servicing customers on site. Despite his creativity and strong desire to succeed, tougher times were ahead. During World War II, Bill suspended business operations and moved down to Houston to work in the shipyards.

Following the war, seeking a fresh start, Bill relocated to Houston and opened Walkup Sheet Metal on Congress Street in 1944. Two years later, he expanded and moved the operation to 4418 Navigation Boulevard. Bill would move once more in 1958 and Incorporate as Walkup Company at 5945 Armour Drive. Since the final relocation, Walkup Company has grown from a 17,500 square foot 1 bay shop to a 5 bay 88,000 square foot fully enclosed fabrication and welding facility. Currently, there are 4 generations of Walkups and around 40 valued and experienced employees ready to serve your needs. Walkup Company offers financial stability, experienced personnel, quality fabrication, and a responsible company dedicated to building long term relationships. Unlike the small business struggles that Bill faced when companies would question his capability to complete a project, Walkup Company has evolved into a leader in the metal fabrication industry and a partner that you can trust.