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For over 75 years, Walkup Company has been a leading provider of metal fabrication services to the Houston and Gulf Coast region. Walkup Company offers a full suite of metal fabrication services including sheet metal laser cutting, metal bending, metal shearing, metal rolling, welding, custom prototyping and more. To pair with our highly trained employees, our facility includes all the latest and advanced metal fabrication equipment. This includes Bystronic Lasers, CNC press brakes, Bertsch, Pullmax and Roundo plate rolls, modern welding equipment, various other industrial machinery, and programs required to handle all your metal fabrication needs. Walkup is one of the most trusted sheet metal fabrication and plate fabrication companies in Houston, Texas. We offer full-service plate processing and sheet metal manufacturing, at our 88,000 sq. ft. facility.

Our Houston metal fabrication facility includes:

  • Enclosed Fabrication Plant – 88,000 square feet
  • Main Office – 4,500 square feet
  • Bay 1 – 175’ x 100’ x 17’ – (2) 5 ton cranes
  • Bay 2 – 283’ x 60’ x 21’ – (2) 5 ton cranes and 7.5 ton crane
  • Bay 3 – 283’ x 70’ x 23’ – 10 ton and 5 ton cranes
  • Bay 4 – 160’ x 90’ x 21’ – (2) 7.5 ton cranes
Our plate metal fabrication and sheet metal fabrication capabilities meet even the most demanding needs; by applying the most advanced technologies we ensure quality, precision parts in every job we complete. If you are in need of laser cutting, bending, rolling, or welding, contact our team today to discuss your next plate processing and sheet metal fabrication project. Get in touch with us today!

Walkup company Services

Walkup Co. has a wide selection of Metal Fabrication services to suit your needs with quality equipment and employees to handle it.