Welding Services Houston, Texas

Walkup Company is an ASME certified weld shop in Houston, with industry best equipment and welders to support the accreditation.

Records are maintained to prove the qualification of procedures for MIG, TIG, SMAW, and Flux Core as well as the qualification of our welders. Calibration records are also maintained to provide transparency and evidence that the equipment used in the weld shop meets the manufactures specifications.

Our Houston welding facility includes:

  • MIG, TIG, SMAW, Flux Core, Stud Welding, Spot Welding
  • ASME Certified, Section VIII, Division 1
  • Procedures for Carbon (P-1), Stainless (P-8), Aluminum (P-21 and P-23) and Nikel (P-41)
  • 16 Miller Dimension 400 series welding machines with 60 series feeder (MIG/Flux Core)
  • 6 Miller Syncrowave 350LX welding machine (TIG)

Turnaround Welding Services Houston, TX

Our client’s range across various industries including energy production, chemical manufacturing, engineering, construction, to offshore equipment, industrial manufacturing, consumer projects, and more.

Houston Welding Shop

Walkup Company is a leading provider of welding services in Houston, TX. with a team of experienced welders and fabricators providing custom sheet metal fabrication services to commercial and industrial customers in the Houston and surrounding area. We are your one-stop welding shop for all your fabrication, welding, and rigging needs.

Walkup Company has been providing welding services to Houston and the Gulf Coast region for over 75 years. Contact our Houston welding shop today to discuss your next custom sheet metal, plate welding project, or custom sheet metal welding solutions.