Custom Metal Prototyping Houston, Texas

Walkup Company is a true job shop and has the ability to create a one-of-a-kind part and production orders of 1000 or more. While Walkup Company does not get involved in the actual design of any products, years of experience allow us to help customers mold ideas into a prototype and eventually into a final product.

For manufacturing and custom metal fabrication, share your plans with us and we will work with your team to provide a finished product. Our team of highly trained professionals will help prototype your design and produce a working product that you can take to market with our quality custom metal work and custom metal fabrication services in Houston.

Metal Prototyping Services | HoustonWhat is custom metal prototyping?

Custom metal prototyping is creating a model from an idea or concept of a product to be manufactured. Prototypes are created pre-production; these are used so that designers can make updates as needed and then verify the design before it goes to production. Metal prototyping has been used in various industries and is often used for manufactured metal parts and components. Walkup Company is one of the leading metal fabrication manufacturers in Houston, TX.

Why choose custom metal prototypes over other materials?

  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other exotic metals have exceptional strength and durability, especially when compared to plastics.
  • Even if you are fabricating prototypes with strict details, metal can practically withstand any stresses.
  • Metals have much higher heat resistance when compared to materials such as plastic, this means there is much less degrading risk in environments with higher temperatures.
  • Metal lasts longer and hold up to the test of time, which eventually saves money from replacement.
  • Metal is typically more aesthetically pleasing than plastic products.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services Houston, TX

Walkup Company is a full-service custom metal prototyping shop in Houston, Texas. We offer a full range of services from design and prototyping to manufacturing and assembly. We make your ideas and designs a reality. Call us today to learn more about our custom metal prototyping services. Follow us on our company LinkedIn Page for all the latest news.