Welding Services Houston, Texas

Walkup Company takes pride in being an ASME certified weld shop in Houston, with industry best equipment and some of the best welder in the state of Texas, we have everything needed to support your project needs and the achieved accreditation.

All our records are maintained to prove the qualification of our MIG, TIG, SMAW, and Flux Core welding procedures. We also have proof and keep record of the qualifications and certification each of our welders have obtained. Calibration records are also maintained to provide transparency and evidence that our welding services equipment meets and exceeds all manufacturing specifications.

Welding Services | HoustonOur Houston welding services facility includes:

  • MIG, TIG, SMAW, Flux Core, Stud Welding, Spot Welding
  • ASME Certified, Section VIII, Division 1
  • Procedures for Carbon (P-1), Stainless (P-8), Aluminum (P-21 and P-23) and Nikel (P-41)
  • 16 Miller Dimension 400 series welding machines with 60 series feeder (MIG/Flux Core)
  • 6 Miller Syncrowave 350LX welding machine (TIG)

Turnaround Welding Services Houston, TX

Our client’s range across various industries including energy production, chemical manufacturing, engineering, construction, to offshore equipment, industrial manufacturing, consumer projects, and more.

Walkup Company has an outstanding reputation for being a leading welding services provider in Houston and the Gulf Coast. Our team is not limited to only welding, our shop is also experienced fabrication, laser cutting, bending, rolling and other services that go hand-in-hand with welding. Our team effectively gets the job done and always practices in meeting the utmost safety precautions. While many companies are limited to the services their shop provides, we take pride in providing welding services along with each of our other industrial solutions, allowing us to expedite your project and save you time and money as a one-stop shop.

At Walkup Company, we have successfully completed large and small projects alike for many of our customers. We ensure that the entire welding process runs smoothly from beginning to end. Our initial stage involves the planning process, we do this in order to eliminate roadblocks and we take pride in knowing our clients put their trust in our company for all welding services. We strive to collaborate and take every precaution to earn the trust of those we work with, we work to build relationships so that we can continue assisting our clients with any future business needs and back any referrals that are passed our way.

Houston Welding Shop

Walkup Company is your industrial provider and a leading provider of welding services in Houston, TX. With a highly skilled team of experienced welders and fabricators all of which provide custom sheet metal fabrication services to commercial and industrial customers in the Houston and Gulf Coast area. We are your one-stop shop for all your  fabrication, metal laser cutting, welding, bending, rolling, prototyping, and rigging needs. We also work with your team to ensure we always exceed expectations while meeting only the highest quality standards.

Walkup Company has been providing welding services to Houston and the Gulf Coast region for over 75 years. Contact our Houston welding shop today to discuss your next custom sheet metal, plate welding project, or custom sheet metal welding solutions. Follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest news and trends.