Advantages of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is an advanced technology that is used for many metal fabrication projects. There are many different methods for cutting metal, but throughout the industry laser cutting is known as one of the most trusted and reliable techniques.

Fabricators often choose laser cutters because it gives them the ability to produce precision cuts at speeds unrivaled by other cutting methods.

While laser cutting has many advantages over alternative metal cutting methods, this technique is typically requested when accuracy and power are required to produce precise cuts. A few benefits of laser cutting include the below.


Shorter Project Lead Times: As mentioned above, this technique is known for cutting metal accurately and at fast speeds. When dealing with metals under 3/8″ thick, laser cutters perform swiftly. When dealing with thicker materials, the cutting time might be slightly longer, but this technique still provides extremely quick production.

Laser cutters are well suited for both small- and large-scale operations and are able shorten production times just by shortening the time it takes to cut the material. Laser cutters are also extremely useful for quickly creating prototypes. In addition to rapid cuts, laser cutting improves efficiency in the overall fabrication process by allowing multiple parts to be programmed and cut at the same time.

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Precision: Laser cutting machines are essentially unmatched when it comes to precision and accuracy. CNC routers program the machine to perform intricate and complex cuts using elaborate geometric patterns. From there, the lasers produce detailed cuts and shapes with the highest degree of accuracy. A laser cutter creates clean edges with a smooth finish. Any material in the laser’s path is burned, vaporized, or melted, so there is no excess debris to interfere causing a rough cut.

The machines process not only creates high-quality parts but also helps reduce any waste leftover from production. Because laser cutting produces parts with such a high degree of accuracy, this method is the typical choice for the fabrication of aerospace and medical components, where tight dimensional tolerances and quality standards are required.

Consistency: Because laser cutting is method that always produces such detailed precision in every cut, you can be assured that all parts and components will always be accurate. Laser cutters are programmed with CNC CAD/CAM systems, this guarantees that the desired cuts will be perfectly replicated as many times as required.

Once programmed you get the perfect cut each run, and the result of having precision cutting and programming is consistency in every project. Every copied part is cut the same and with the exact same quality.

Reduced Finishing Requirements: Because laser cutting produces such high precision in every cut, there will be less required in the final finishing stages of each project. Laser cutting produces smooth edges that are free from burrs; the beams tightly focused which means you’ll eliminate production flaws that come from heat exposure. With cuts so precise you’ll find that quality checks take less time, this leads to increased efficiency in the overall project.


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